What We Do

SAT leverages its strong relationships with large commercial operators and applies a market-driven approach to support smallholder farmers to develop viable and sustainable farming enterprises. We provide hands-on technical assistance and are a catalyst and partner for transformative, on-the-ground, market-based commercialization of smallholder agriculture.

Using its experience and that of others, SAT strengthens the quality and reach of integrated agriculture, nutrition and wildlife extension services to improve crop, livestock and natural resources management. Over the years, SAT has developed and successfully rolled out a number of tried and tested sustainable business models in its quest to commercialise smallholder agriculture, and these models are replicable elsewhere. SAT also facilitates and supports agroprocessing initiatives, improved access to finance for agricultural inputs, services and market information in order to maximize farmer outputs and returns. We also set up sustainable local service provider networks and capacitate local entrepreneurs to meet rural farmers’ needs.

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